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42 St Mary's Street

Fri 8 March 2024

Following the successful marketing of 42 St Mary's Street, Richardson are delighted to announce that Tom Lane has signed a lease to occupy the premises. Tom Lane are a local company which have previously only had an online presence. The beautiful property lies on the bustling St Mary’s Street, right in the heart of Stamford town centre and is a popular street for shoppers. Home to many other small independent retailers which have thrived here, we hope it will act as the perfect place for them to start their brick and mortar journey from. After a very busy few weeks of moving in they opened their doors on Friday the 1st of March ready for the weekend shoppers in Stamford. We're thrilled for Jayne and her family as they embark on this new venture so here's to a successful launch and an exciting future ahead!

If you are looking for commercial premises or would like to start your brick and mortar journey like Tom Lane, please give the Richardson Commercial team a ring on 01780 758005.