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Land Registry Compliant Plans

Fri 12 April 2024

A Land Registry Compliant Plan is a plan that conforms with the requirements of the Land Registry so that a property can be registered. This may be for:
  • First registration of a new title
  • Making alterations to an existing property or boundary
  • Transferring of land from one property to another
  • The grant of a new lease or renewal of a lease
Land Registry Compliant Plans need to be clear and accurate so that you can be sure the exact extents of a house/flat or piece of land properly registers, thus avoiding problems at a later date. Our Land Registry plan drawing service uses the Promap mapping system which we then update following a site inspection of the property, taking key measurements where appropriate. 

The cost of a Land Registry Compliant Plan will depend on the complexity of what is required and the time taken to produce the final plan. We take pride in providing an excellent service to our clients in a cost effective and timely manner. 

If you would like a Land Registry Compliant Plan, please call the office on 01780 762433.