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Top tips to make your working from home space as comfortable as possible

Tue 26 July 2022

Many are getting used to the new world of working

Many people may still find they are working from home and it has become a genuine everyday option for working patterns.

However, if you are a permanent home worker or have regular days away from the office, making sure you have a comfortable space to work from can be crucial.

This will help you produce the best work you can, while avoiding causing yourself any form of long term damage.

Create a separate area

When a working from home order was first issued by the UK Government as part of a wave of measures at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, many people suddenly found themselves searching for space at home.

Some do not have designated office rooms to work from, leading to many sitting at dining tables, logging on from their sofa or even propping laptops and monitors up on an ironing board.

If you are looking to work from home for the long term, consider creating a new space at home or transforming an area that is used less to use as your own office.

Designating a separate area for work will allow you to shut the door and leave that space at the end of the day to allow you to unwind and feel relaxed in your home.

Stay neat

It can be very easy for desk spaces to become out of control and very messy.

Piles of discarded post-it notes, completed to-do lists and yesterdays coffee cup can lead to your working from home space to become a real mess.

Waking up in the morning and making that long walk to your desk to be greeted by an untidy space can really drop your motivation to work well.

Ensure you set aside a regular time each week to give your desk a little TLC and leave it sparkling.

Introduce a bit of the outdoor

An indoor plant on your desk can completely transform the aesphetics of the space.

Dotting plants around your home can have a range of health benefits and just improve the overall look of your home office.