Grants Subsidy

As funding through the Basic Payment Scheme draws to a close, we assist farmers & landowners with alternative funding applications through the traditional Countryside Stewardship Schemes, whilst also offering advice on the evolving Sustainable Farming Incentive & ELMS.

For the remainder of the Basic Payment Scheme through to its end in 2027 we will continue to be recognised as one of the leading independent advisors on the scheme rules both in assisting with annual declarations alongside dealing with farm inspections and mapping queries. We are currently working with a number of farmers guiding them through the Lump Sum Exit Scheme and the associated wider aspects of retiring from farming.

Moving forwards environmental schemes are set to become an important part of farm management and funding.  New initiatives, alongside the established Higher Tier, Mid Tier and Wildlife Offers, are set to become the new norm for existing farm businesses.  Our aim is to fully understand all aspects of current and future funding opportunities and be in a position to implement schemes that complement existing farming operations, whilst providing a sensible financial return to the business.   

Please speak to us if you are considering an application for a Countryside Stewardship Scheme or have any queries regarding the current Basic Payment Scheme.